Meet Jena

I fell in love with written words back in the early 80’s as a little girl tucked into the aisles of our local library where my dad worked. Surrounded by books I learned that words go beyond pages and influence us to live stories worth telling. Fast forward 30-some years, one husband of 17+ years, three daughters, 16+ moves, enough loss and love to fill a bookshelf, and I’m using my own words to offer you a place to re-think your busy calendars and clarify your relationships in order to live a more abundant life.

If you’re like me and notice a full calendar leaving you and your most important relationships stuck in the shallow pool on empty street, then I’m glad you’re here. We can lead the deep and purposeful lives we dare to pray for starting today. Let’s get honest, get real, and get joyful with our God, our people, and ourselves – you and your story are worth it!