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A Forest of Weeds

My feet fell in a steady rhythm as I pushed the sidewalk behind me on another sunset run. Cool evening air and long shadows make me a fair weather runner this time of year. My feet were light, but my heart was unusually heavy, so I pounded on hoping to outrun my thoughts. I came… Read More A Forest of Weeds

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Be the Sister

“Go make it right with her.” It’s my most popular mom-ism lately. We’re one week into summer and my three daughters are squaring off over everything from sharing a coveted pack of gum to whose responsibility it is to haul in the slew of riding toys left in the cul-de-sac after dark. No object or opinion… Read More Be the Sister


The Anti-Burnout, Anti-Exhaustion Plan

Does your family feel rested and relaxed (no, that’s not a joke)? Here’s one way to begin the conversations on how to create a Rest Plan personalized to your own family’s needs and schedule.

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Girl on a Mission

I’m easily distracted. If you know me well, don’t laugh…I know you’re laughing. So much so that I’ve read articles on adult ADD just to make sure I wasn’t overlooking a clinical problem (thank you, WebMD). I forget things, important things sometimes, and miss the details of life like parent-teacher conferences for example. Super smart… Read More Girl on a Mission

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Brooms and Band-Aids

Admitting we are wrong is tough business. As someone who’s followed Jesus for nearly 17 years, realizing I have blind spots of self-reliance and self-righteousness is no easy truth to swallow. Part of me (a big part) wants to be a perfect daughter for my perfect Heavenly Father. One of Jesus’ messages to His followers… Read More Brooms and Band-Aids