Define Your Who

I’m glad you’re here. Can we pause for a bit to set aside our calendars and to-do lists to free up some breathing room so we can re-think how we’re approaching this thing called life? At the end of the day, are our overcrowded calendars and hectic schedules really reflecting the fulfilled lives we hope for? I don’t know about you, but I’m here for more than checked boxes and managed schedules. I want to live abundantly with those who matter most- more joy and love given and received than one life can manage, and I fully believe we can starting where we’re at today.

Will you join me as we walk the path of defining our who and establishing relationship-based goals for abundant living? Let’s learn what it means to clarify and establish our Who before our Why. Let’s get real, get honest, and get joyful with our God, our people, and ourselves because your life and your relationships are worth it.