Do any of the above statements ring true in your life? The common thread throughout all of them is suffering relationships. We’ve been told defining our ‘why’ and living purpose-driven days leads to a fulfilled life. Finding purpose is a fantastic way to live, but it’s not the best place to begin. If we want our purposes to have sustainability and depth we need to take a step back to our Who. If you’re like me and have experienced a sense of failure in your most important relationships while your calendar is overflowing with ‘good things’, then I invite you to take a deeper look at Defining Your Who. Underlying every purpose and ‘why’ is a relationship. The bigger the purpose, the more profound the why- the more important the relationship.

Clarity and definition with God, our people, and ourselves bring about specific, sustainable purposes in our lives. In Defining our Who we look at expectations, roles, and responsibilities in fresh ways. It’s not a Who > why, but a Who before why sequence.

Will you join me as we step into Defining our Who and gaining:

Engaged faith
Meaningful routines
Healthier boundaries
Clearer expectations
Relationship-based Goals

You’ll receive tools and perspective to clarify and build definition with your Who before your why. Let’s get real, get honest, and get joyful with our God, our people, and ourselves because your relationships and life are worth it!